Need to Prop Open, Level, or Wedge Something? Cute Colored Leaves can Help

HeQiao’s four-pack of cute little leaf wedges is a unique gift idea for the new home buyer. These tough, silicone wedges are great for propping open doors and windows, but they can also serve double-duty to level a wobbly table or secure a round bottomed bowl in place. As a door or window stop they each include a lanyard for hanging, making them ideal for attaching to the the door jamb or wall so they’re always at hand when needed. The silicone is tough but flexible, and the variety of colors, orange, blue, brown, and green, makes it possible to coordinate them with surrounding color schemes (a small point, perhaps). At only an inch deep, these wedges have their limits. A few of the doors in my house have higher thresholds than others, so in these locations the door failed to make contact with the leaf. Even so, they’re really pretty cute on their own and manage to help out in all sorts of situations.

I give this product 5 stars for its unique design and durability. It’s fun and practical, albeit limited in its one inch capacity, but fills a need that you may not have known needed filling. The hanging feature is an extra bonus and the colors are vibrant and fun. If you need a modest sized wedge, HeQiao’s Silicone Door Stops most likely will fill the bill.
Door Stopper, HeQiao Premium Soft Silicone Doorstops Flexible Door Wedge Finger Protector Colorful Secure Window Door Stops Protector with Lanyard for Home(4-Pack,Multicolor,Cartoon Rubber Leaf) by Heqiao

I received this product at no charge or at a discount in order to give my honest and heartfelt review. The vendor in no way has influenced or edited my comments.

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