Nice Bright Light That SWIVELS

I am updating my review since some sweet soul told me how to swivel the bulb without breaking it. The seller should include this information on the package. I used two rubber grips to grasp the bottom with one hand and the top with the other hand, then twist until you get the light aimed the way you prefer it.

Starlights 1141-400 Single Pole LED Replacement Bulb by Starlights, Inc. (STB2M)

Super bright, just what I wanted for my kitchen in my little old motorhome, but instead I use it as the outside porch light over the door, under the awning area of the RV. That is awesome! I have the yellow lens cover (Gold Stars F3528016 Amber Replacement Lens for Rectangle Porch Light) over my outside light (as opposed to the clear one they typically provide with an RV), so this light shows up as Amber rather than bright white. (Bugs stay away!)

As a bonus the bright light bounces nicely off the white underside of the awning, so now the outside patio area and steps are super safe and fun. We can see to dine by it outside, as well as clean up for the evening. If I hear a noise in the night, I flip it on and it lights up my entire camp area making the raccoons, ghosties, ghoulies and beasties scamper off into the night.

The BAD:
They don't tell you on the packaging how to swivel it. The bulb is so tight, I was scared of breaking it. Another reviewer said it didn't swivel, so I believed him because I was too scared to really twist mine HARD which is what it needs.

Now that I know it twists, I will definitely be buying 2 more, one for my kitchen in the motorhome and one for the bathroom mirror (in the motorhome).

This bulb is a must have for any boater or RV-er.

Updating this review again. I now have just two of these, one for the RV outside light and one for the kitchen light. I love them both! The outside one is bright enough to even read outside at night. The kitchen one needed aiming towards the sink and stove area. I was able to twist this to aim just where I wanted it. It works perfectly.

It does get hot, so beware, but it's BRIGHT and that is exactly what I needed in my RV. I've been using these nearly a year now. 5 stars because they have bounced down roads without breaking and seem to still perform nicely.

Starlights 1141-400 Single Pole LED Replacement Bulb
by Starlights, Inc. (STB2M)

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