Eco-Friendly Coffee Grinder Maintains Quality AND High Style

When I received my Coletti Ceramic Burr Coffee Grinder and opened the box I was surprised by the first three items that I removed: a very nice stainless steel measuring spoon, an attractive wooden stirring spoon, and a wooden, natural bristle brush. All of these items reflect quality on their own. But that they are included with the Coletti Coffee Grinder makes this eco-friendly product a true find. The grinder itself, with its removable (and heavy-duty) handle, is a work of art. Its stainless steel finish is attractive and tough, and its self-contained design, with its integral but removable collection cup at the bottom, reflects the manufacturer’s attention to detail.

Coletti COL103 CONSISTENT Hand Coffee Grinder with Ceramic Burr & Stainless Steel Body - 4 Piece Kit: Coffee Scoop, Bamboo Stir Spoon, & Wood Brush by Colettii

I wanted to try it out, but since I broke my electric grinder several years ago, I didn’t have any whole coffee beans. No problem. I ground some peanuts. It worked great. I ground some dried dill, some fennel, and some whole peppercorns; it worked consistently well for all of them. I ran into a snag when I tried to grind a couple of whole almonds; the grinder isn’t made for that large a bean. No problem. I just broke them into slightly smaller pieces and the Coletti grinder took care of the rest. I also took the product apart to clean and then put it back together with absolutely no problems.
I do love fresh ground coffee so I will probably use it mostly for that. The grinding chamber and the receptacle at the bottom are the perfect size to accommodate a whole pot of stout coffee, freshly ground. But if I wish to grind something else, well, the stylish and environmentally friendly Coletti Ceramic Burr Grinder will be there, even if the power goes out.
I gave this product 5 Stars for its eco-friendliness, its quality of construction, its stylish appearance, its versatility, its included accessories, and its ease of use and clean-up. I will probably store it and its accessories together in the original box, but I really want it out so that my friends can see it and envy my incredible good taste.
I received this product at no charge for evaluation and am providing my honest and unbiased review. The vendor in no way has influenced, modified, or edited my comments. I love this product.

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