Incredibly Delicious and Fresh Tasting, Very Impressive

Keystone Meats All Natural Canned Beef, 28 Ounce (Grocery)

This beef is the real deal.

The taste is awesome and the convenience is superb.

Just today I made a crockpot stew in a 3 quart slow cooker with a can of this beef, small bite sized potatoes, halved cherry tomatoes, baby carrots, chopped onions, chopped bell peppers, whole chili peppers, sliced mushrooms, garlic cloves, Worcestershire Sauce, cooking wine, oregano, thyme, fennel seeds, Bay leaf, cracked pepper, basil and gumbo file.

First I opened the can and dumped it into a bowl. I removed the fat, then used the meat and juice to start the stew along with the above ingredients.

I cooked it on low for about 4 hours and the taste was AWESOME. There was so much meat, I wish I had used only half a can and more veggies. It was as if the meat expanded as it cooked, not sure how that works, but we were amazed at the heartiness of the stew and the mountain of beef.

I had to search all over the internet to finally find a delightful article about this company and the 4th generation decedents now running the butcher shop and cannery.

I've tried their ground beef and this regular beef, I give both 5 stars.

I just wish they had better pricing or a case deal at a discount.

The quality and taste were excellent. I love the convenience. I travel in a motorhome and many times I am camping far from stores. My refrigerator is small. Being able to have beef on the shelf, ready to eat, is awesome. I've also made instant BBQ with this, just heat with BBQ sauce and serve over rice or on a bun. Awesome and quick.

I plan to keep this around as a staple.

Keystone Meats All Natural Canned Beef, 28 Ounce (Grocery)

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