Heavy-Duty Carry-All Encourages Self-Expression that Lasts!

I received another Cotton Tote from BagzDepot in Huntington Beach, CA. I at first thought this was identical to the first one I reviewed except with longer handles or shoulder straps. But on closer inspection I found this tote to be significantly different. Other than its longer handles, the 100% cotton fabric is a heavier grade than the smaller tote. Both are manufactured by Q-Tees of California and carry identical labels noting that they are a “promotional product not meant to be washed.” Like the previous tote, this one is a natural linen color so I don’t think discoloration from washing is a problem. Another difference is that this tote is a little bit larger than the other one; around the same depth but nearly 3” wider than the smaller tote. So, as it turns out, the large size canvas shoulder tote is quite different and far superior in its materials than the smaller tote. Although the large size tote is constructed of a heavier material, both totes provide opportunity for self-expression, either as a corporate promotion or an individual art project. Both bags have quality stitching, but again the larger tote is stronger. BagzDepot’s Large Shoulder Bag from Q-Tee is strong and durable, and it's larger than the regular tote. It’s sure to stand a lot of use.
BagzDepot Sturdy Large Size Canvas Messenger Shoulder bag with Gusset

I rate this product 5 Stars for its quality construction, heavy-duty fabric, extended shoulder straps, and its wider dimensions for accommodating more stuff. This tote will hold-up well over many shopping trips or beach outings.
I received this product at no charge or at a discount in order to give my honest and heartfelt review. The vendor in no way has influenced or edited my comments.

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