Fabulous Idea For Sailboaters to Store Assorted Wines without Breaking Them

A must have for all boaters, especially sail boaters.

In my days of living and working on charter yachts in the Caribbean, we would have bought these by the dozen. They are a great way to not only carry a wine bottle but to store them without boxes in a nice "quiet" way. Nothing worse that sailing on a sailboat and hearing the wine bottle crash or clink loudly.

I find this handy for carrying wine around.However, they didn't sew the bottom correctly so that the wine can sit upright in the bottle in the carrier, it has to be laid down. It would have required 2 extra seams to sew this up in such a way that the wine bottle could stand up nicely too.

 However, I chopped the bottom off mine and resewed it to carry my  12 ounce water bottle. I like to walk my dog and this makes it so much easier to have handles on my water bottle. I usually carry a big D ring that has the dog leash, the house keys, the poop bag purse and now the water bottle tote attached to it.

I believe this company could sell these for carrying a water bottle in a smaller length, it sure works for me!

They could also consider a pocket on the side to hold a folding wine opener. That would be awesome for going to outside concerts where they allow one to bring a wine bottle.

All in all a good product. Mine was professionally sewn, with no loose stitches or loose threads. The neoprene seems to be quality fabric.

For these reasons I gave it 5 awesome stars.

I received this product as a free sample for evaluation and reviewing. I am providing my honest and unbiased review. The vendor has not influenced, modified or edited my comments.

Wine Carrier, OFEILY Durable Neoprene Single Bottle Wine Tote Bag/Beer/Cans/champagne/Water or Drink Bottle Bag(1-Bottle, Black)
by Ofeily

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